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Casting Spells with Your Android

Calling all Potterheads!  Have you read all seven Harry Potter books and hosted at least one movie binge session?  Are you still waiting for your Hogwarts letter?  Did you buy a wand and robes and secretly try spells in your room?  Well, now is your time!  Back in November 2016, Google partnered with Warner Bros. …

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Castle Cats iOS Review

A Story of Cats, and Maybe Some Dogs Too

 Castle Cats is a new free-to-play mobile game for iOS.  In this furry adventure, you can collect adorable feline versions of characters like Harry Potter, Django, Katniss Everdeen, and Cthulhu. Also, they are fighting an evil Pugomancer.  Yes, you heard that right, a Pugomancer.  You have been warned!

The …


App Review: Habitica

Anyone who has dedicated even a small amount of time to video games has been here: there’s a task that you really don’t want to do, like fight yet another monster that you’ve already slayed a dozen times, or run halfway across the map in order to find that one final collectible that you need. …


T-Mobile and Sprint Talk Merger

It seems like every other year T-Mobile and Sprint stop competing for a millisecond to consider becoming BFFs. The two cellular companies are thinking about it again, and just like every other year, it’s complicated. But this year, a merger is not completely absurd.

Back in 2014, Sprint’s parent company SoftBank wanted to buy T-Mobile. US …

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Breakout Ninja iOS Review

A Story For a Ninja is the Way

The story of Breakout Ninja follows a ninja who must use all of his skills and natural cunning to escape from a heavily fortified prison. Breakout Ninja is a one tap endless runner game that is set against a 2D scrolling platform.  It has a simple design, but …

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Hearthstone Deck Of The Week: Miracle Rogue

The Rogue class has had its share of ups and downs over the last couple years, but with the release of Journey To Un’Goro, it has finally settled on having a few reasonably powerful archetypes – Miracle Rogue being possibly the strongest among them.  This is a deck built primarily around a few key combos …

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E3 2017 Sony Press Conference Overview

Once again, Sony was at E3 showing their plans for PlayStation.  It was a solid conference for Sony.  Instead of having developers come out onto the stage to talk about the games, they instead focused on the games themselves.  It was one after the other, and there were barely any breaks at all during the …

Finery is the Closet of the Future
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Finery is The Closet of the Future

The closet from Clueless finally exists, and no, I’m not just talking about the articles of clothing. I’m talking about FINERY, the only wardrobe operating system out there. Brooklyn Decker and her pal Whitney Casey had a dream of creating a virtual closet and made it come true. Never worry about spending forever rummaging through …

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8 Old-School Games Overhauled for Mobile Platforms

Old-school computer and video games are akin to your favorite warm, hearty comfort foods with a side of childhood. But unless you’re still hanging onto your old SEGA console (and even then, you’ve got to blow decades of dust out of the games), your days of playing your beloved favorites are over. Or are they? …

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Top 5 Best Kairosoft Games

It isn’t often that a developer’s name becomes synonymous with an entirely new genre, but that’s precisely what Kairosoft has done with their quirky brand of management simulation games.  They truly are like nothing else being developed – funny, strategic, and often confusing. From horse racing to soccer to medieval fantasy, they seem to have …