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Game Review: Timber Tennis

There has been a glut of games lately, particularly for iOS, that really push the definition of “casual game.”  Fire Emblem Heroes, Chroma Squad, and Faraway: Puzzle Escape apply a level of depth to the iOS market that is typically reserved for PC or console release: in-depth strategy games, narrative adventure experiences, and so on. …


Walmart Chases Amazon in Sales

Walmart released sales figures Thursday, May 18th, and the New York Times reported the online portion of the ubiquitous big box store grew by 63 percent in the most recent quarter. Sales figures were provided only for Walmart in the aggregate and not for the online and physical portions of the store separately. The sales …


Tencent and Alibaba: Tech Names to Know

The market beyond the U.S. and Europe can remain obscure entities to those of us new to the tech and mobile scene, especially with the likes of Google and Facebook looming large, but there are some giants swimming in the waters; giants that can give Google and Facebook pause. Two of the largest and less …


The Digital War: IOS vs Android

So, your call dropped again or your phone fell in the toilet. I guess that means you are in the market for a new smartphone (perhaps your first smartphone), but which digital giant should you put your hard-earned money toward? For one thing, choosing a smartphone is a bigger choice than most realize. Thankfully, if you can’t …

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Hearthstone Deck Of The Week: Jade Druid

The Mean Streets Of Gadgetzan introduced quite a few new mechanics, but none quite as impactful on the game as the Jade mechanic. A deck style built around building small minions into larger and larger ones, the Jade toolkit has found its way into a wide variety of decks. But this week, we’re looking at …

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2017 Trending iPhone Games

Gaming titles are at an all-time high for smartphones. Combined with the depth of console games, you could easily play on your phone for years without getting bored. So, with an app store crammed with countless games, which ones are trending upward and attracting the biggest audience?

From Action and Adventure to Puzzles and RPGs, these are …

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Ten Virtual Reality Apps or Games: iPhone Edition Part 1

Virtual Reality is the technology of the future.  Thus companies of all different sizes and ideologies are trying their ideas and inventions for what might become the true entertainment of the digital age.  Twenty years from now the products we use to cross the virtual dimension will look primitive or out of date. However, these …


B and H Store Review

B and H located in New York City is an amazing store full of gadgets galore. If the little mermaid was into technology, believe me, she would have a song for this place. While visiting New York, I stopped in to see what made this store so unique.

Originating in the 1970s, B and H was a …

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Top Ten Upcoming Games For Nintendo Switch

The library of games for the Nintendo Switch might seem a little light at present, but that’s all going to change over the next year or so. Once you get around to finishing Breath Of The Wild, here are ten games (in no particular order) that you can start looking forward to.


Splatoon 2

Whether you’re a …