Farming Technology

Believe it or not, country life may not be as simple as it once was. Farmers today not only have more growing options, but moretools to help them than ever before. However, these tools may not always be the best.

Urban Gardeners

freight farms

Freight Farms

In 2017, you don’t need to live in the country to be a farmer anymore. You can grow plants from your apartment or a parking garage. One of the possibly coolest ways to grow plants is with freight farms. Freight Farms is a new way of growing crops. All the plants are planted, sprout, and grow in, you guessed it, freight cars. Starting in 2010, this company has upcycled freight cars in possibly one of the best ways for the environment and your belly. You have plenty of options of things to grow like lettuce, radishes, arugula, basil, and, if you are really good at farming, baby turnips and carrots (just to name a few). Of course, this amazing idea is not cheap. The freight runs about $85,000 with about $13,000 in order to keep it running on electricity and water. However, this Leafy Green Machine is possibly one of the coolest advances in farming today.

Farms Today

If growing in the city is not your thing, maybe going back to the corn fields is what you need. However, even in the countryside, the tools for growing have changed. Machines now use technology to become more accurate and precise. From the tires to the panels inside, farmers have received a technological upgrade. Farmers today have access to accurate reportings on the current conditions of their soil and crops with in-ground sensors. This helps them make sure they are using water efficiently, have optimum levels of nitrates, and can even receive recommendations on which crops would grow best in particular areas.


The Backyard Gardner

For the backyard gardener, a helpful product is Edyn. Edyn is powered by the sun and allows you to know the current light, moisture, humidity, and nutrition of the soil your plants are growing in. It allows you to access this information, even on your phone through their app. It will also help you know what will grow best in your garden. You can buy Edyn at Home Depot and unlike Freight Farms, the price is not the same as buying a house.

Edyn App photo


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