B and H Store Review

B and H located in New York City is an amazing store full of gadgets galore. If the little mermaid was into technology, believe me, she would have a song for this place. While visiting New York, I stopped in to see what made this store so unique.

Originating in the 1970s, B and H was a mom-and-pop kind of store. Started by a wife and husband, B and H ran on honesty and quality. Today, these standards are still held up. One of the first things I noticed at B and H was all the things they sold. I was shocked to see that this wasn’t like any store I had been to before. Honestly, I would even dare to say that they might carry more brands and options than Best Buy. Also, unlike most tech stores, B and H prices were really fair. It is one of the biggest non-chain technology stores.

I thought I would just go to check it out; however, I was so impressed by the options and service, I was talked into getting a new phone case. The staff was extremely helpful and were knowledgeable on what were the best products and what gave you the most bang for your buck. Also, there was no pressure from the sales staff; you can genuinely just go in to see products without buying right away. They understand that sometimes you need to think over big purchases no matter how much you may want it.

There are conveyor belts on the ceilings so that they can move the products to wherever you are in the store. You can test out all the products and ask experienced salespeople for their opinions. That’s right, they hire experts; so when you are looking at cameras, they have real photographers right there helping you. If you want to test out products, like drones, they have a whole area dedicated to it. The store is two stories and is quite large for New York City.

Located on 34th street, B and H is definitely a must-see landmark. I have included a short video (below) of my experience in the store; it is a bit raw in terms of video quality.


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