Hearthstone Deck Of The Week: Jade Druid

The Mean Streets Of Gadgetzan introduced quite a few new mechanics, but none quite as impactful on the game as the Jade mechanic. A deck style built around building small minions into larger and larger ones, the Jade toolkit has found its way into a wide variety of decks. But this week, we’re looking at a deck that centers itself entirely around that mechanic: the Jade Druid. Do you like holding control of the board until you can finally just overrun your opponent with your massive minions? If so, this deck might be the one for you!

Deck List:

  • Innervate x2 (0)
  • Jade Idol x2 (1)
  • Bloodmage Thanos x1 (2)
  • Wild Growth x2 (2)
  • Wrath x2 (2)
  • Jade Blossom x2 (3)
  • Savage Roar x2 (3)
  • Fandral Staghelm x1 (4)
  • Jade Spirit x2 (4)
  • Swipe x2 (4)
  • Druid Of The Claw x2 (5)
  • Lotus Agents x2 (5)
  • Nourish x2 (5)
  • Starfall x1 (5)
  • Aya Blackpaw x1 (6)
  • Jade Behemoth x2 (6)
  • Ancient Of War x2 (7)


Mulligan Tips

Always hang onto your Jade Idols. The earlier you can get the Jade train rolling, the better. Jade Blossoms work in this role as well, particularly if you have The Coin. Hang onto anything that lets you accelerate (Innervates and Wild Growths). You want to build up to playing Jade Spirit and Druid Of The Claw as quickly as possible, as well as leaving yourself open to playing some of your more potent removal cards, such as Swipe and Savage Roar.


Gameplay Strategy

Ramp up to your Jade plays as much as you can. If you get Jade Idol early, play it for a minion; but if you get it late, strongly consider playing it for more copies if you have time to spare. At all times, concentrate on maintaining board control: Swipe can be fantastic for this purpose, giving you a possible board-clear to set up your larger-value Jade cards. You’re almost always going to want to play your Druid Of The Claw as a taunt minion, unless you have an incredibly good reason for doing otherwise. The goal here is to get you to a point where you can be playing 7/7 or better Jade Golems.



Against an aggro deck, be incredibly liberal with your board-clearing abilities. Once you get your Jade Golems built up to a decent strength, your opponent isn’t going to be able to compete, so feel free to use Swipe or Savage Roar to make trades that might seem disadvantageous in the short-term to give you the room you need to grow. Against control decks, accelerate as quickly as you possibly can. A first-turn Innervate into a Jade Blossom is a fantastic play here, particularly if it lets you play Fendral Staghelm into an immediate Jade Idol, filling your deck with even more powerful minions. When playing against control decks, be very careful what cards you pull with your Lotus Agents: you want things that can gain you a long-term advantage and not just short-term board control.


Good Luck! Feel free to leave suggestions for improving this deck in the comments below!

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