Ten Virtual Reality Apps or Games: iPhone Edition Part 1

Virtual Reality is the technology of the future.  Thus companies of all different sizes and ideologies are trying their ideas and inventions for what might become the true entertainment of the digital age.  Twenty years from now the products we use to cross the virtual dimension will look primitive or out of date. However, these ten apps or games for the iPhone might be considered classics of their time.

Within VR

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Within VR brings some of the best immersive experiences that today has to offer, featuring some of the finest creators in virtual reality today.  It should be considered a premier destination for any person looking for an  innovative, entertaining, and informative story-based virtual reality experience.  For example, this could be from extraordinary tales set in worlds of pure imagination to simple, yet sophisticated documentaries that will take you further inside the news than you could ever go before.

VR One Cinema

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Ever wanted to watch a movie in a unique and groundbreaking way?  Not up to going to the movies and dealing with rude members of the audience?  Then VR One Cinema is the movie app for you!  This cinema app enables you to watch and enjoy any of your owned movies in a private and virtually immersive environment.  Thus bringing a new realm of possibilities when choosing how to watch your favorite movies.

Sisters: A Virtual Reality Ghost Story

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This virtual reality horror story was created by Otherworld Interactive.  It provides the user(victim) with frightening 360-degree visuals and an eerie audio experience.  A simple premise for the story is the player venturing alone (probably not for long) to a nightmare cabin of a notorious child killer named Rustin Parr (Nothing sounds wrong here).

Zombie Shooter VR 

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Can’t get enough of zombies?  Have a virtual reality headset?  Well, do I have a great game suggestion for you!  Zombie Shooter VR puts the player in a never ending labyrinth set in a post-apocalyptic subway map.  The player will then struggle to fight hordes of the blood thirsty undead as they swarm all around you.  Oh! The game is also free on the iTunes store, so start killing zombies already!

Vanguard V 

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Vanguard V is a fast action VR experience that takes the user on an adventure from the lower orbit of Earth, down to the very molten core. But, Vanguard V is also a celebration of more than just virtual reality; that consisting of control, design, and amazing music.

This action game takes the best aspects of any flight and adventure genre but is driven more heavily by its music, story, and innovative VR design.

The user will interface as Qu, who has tracked the alien parasite menace from worlds afar and with the help of her A.I. companion, BiT.  The player will help Qu and BiT fight to save Earth’s  inhabitants from utter annihilation.

Re-enter the atmosphere, skimming the waters of the oceans, and make your way to the center of the planet to exterminate the source of the parasite infestation.  Just be sure to lock on with your VR targeting system and destroy this parasitic alien threat!



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