2017 Trending iPhone Games

Gaming titles are at an all-time high for smartphones. Combined with the depth of console games, you could easily play on your phone for years without getting bored. So, with an app store crammed with countless games, which ones are trending upward and attracting the biggest audience?

From Action and Adventure to Puzzles and RPGs, these are the games to play in 2017!

Love You To Bits Image result for love you to bits

From Alike Studio comes Love You To Bits, an action and adventure game consisting of clever puzzles, incredibly cute artwork, and a storyline that will tear your heart to bits (pun intended). The story follows a young astronaut named Kosmo, who sees his robot girlfriend, Nova, blown to pieces. He then has to travel across the galaxy to try and put her back together. This is a star-crossed romance at its finest.

Horizon Chase Image result for horizon chase

An Aquiris Game Studio production has given birth to a beautiful modernization of old-school racing. Horizon Chase is all about the rush of pure speed as you drift through corners and snag power-ups on the way to the finish line. Additionally, the game also pays homage to old classics like Pole Position and Out Run. Don’t forget your seatbelt, as any collision (no matter how small) will slow you down!

PinOut!Image result for PinOut

Despite being created by Mediocre AB, this is no average game. PinOut! features an array of pinball layouts that are as visually appealing as they are difficult to master. Zoom through each section enveloped by the lush neon glow and retro-futuristic vibe each area provides. As well, the game offers a pinball experience for those seeking a challenge and fast-paced action!

Banner SagaImage result for banner saga

From developer Stoic comes an unforgettable experience and a critically acclaimed tactical RPG. This is a story of humans, gods, and viking lore; the choices you make affect the story and the world around you. For instance, the game includes over twenty-five playable characters with unique personalities, as well as seven different classes from which to choose.

Bastion Image result for bastion

Warner Bros has created a hit with Bastion, an action RPG that redefines storytelling with a reactive narrator that marks your every move. Simply tap to guide your hero across the lush and hand-drawn landscapes on a quest to save his magical world from destruction. Also, wield incredible weapons and use special attacks on monsters; all of which is set to a dynamic soundtrack.

Crashlands Image result for crashlands

Butterscotch Shenanigans has created the world of Woanope. It’s a world overflowing with flowers, crystals, animals, and numerous other resources you can craft from. But don’t worry: your inventory is infinite and so are your possibilities. Additionally, build the base of your dreams or tame a lovable creature as your sidekick. After all, you are Flux Dabes. With a never-ending string of locations, Crashlands is for you.




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