E3 2017 EA Press Conference Overview

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It’s that time of year again!  Every year and in the month of June, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, commonly known as E3, comes to the city of Los Angeles.  During this event, several hardware manufacturers, software developers, and publishers from the video game industry present new and upcoming products to the attendees, primarily retailers and members of the video game press.  It’s the biggest event in all of gaming, and here at Daily Pocket News, we have you covered in case you missed it!  This article covers the highlights of the Electronic Arts or EA press conference event.

Madden 18

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The event started off with the most recent edition of the popular football sim, Madden 18.  EA had a drum line come out wearing Tom Brady New England Patriot Jerseys and greet the crowd. The real feature here though, was EA Sports announcing the first ever story mode for Madden called Long Shot.  A story mode in sports games is rare, with EA first installing one last year in the popular soccer game Fifa 17.  EA must have liked the outcome and have now reintroduced an American football version for this upcoming edition.  The premise is simple, start out in high school, work your way to college, and hopefully reach the NFL.  It remains to be seen if you are able to pick your state or school for your character, or if you are even able to customize your character.  From the trailer that was shown, you grow up in Texas and go to the University of Texas.  I personally have no interest in a story for Madden, however, this is a nice addition and brings something new to the long running football series.  It also might attract newcomers who have never played Madden before.

Need For Speed Payback

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After Madden, the next biggest reveal was the newest and upcoming game in the Need for Speed franchise called Payback.  To introduce the game, they had a YouTube creator named Jessie and an Executive Producer for the game.  The start was a little rough, with the YouTube creator Jessie messing up his lines, though I’m pretty sure the Producer did the same, and it made for some awkward moments.  This was obviously due to nerves, and I felt bad for the guy, though the gameplay trailer shown afterwards definitely saved this bit.  The trailer starts off with two of the three playable character of the game going after a rare car held up in a truck.  In doing so, they had to avoid numerous obstacles in the way, plus other cars trying to stop them.  The chase and action sequences reminded me a little bit of the early Fast and Furious movies where the team was trying to steal expensive cars.  It was a good part of the game to show off, and the small part of the world shown looked gorgeous.  Additionally, the developers said this would be one of the most diverse worlds ever in a Need For Speed game, and the customization for cars would be at an all time high.  The last couple of Need For Speed Games have been mediocre.  This one actually looks to be promising, so definitely worth paying attention to.  You can watch the gameplay trailer from the link below.

A Way Out

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The next game shown could have been the biggest surprise and the boldest game of the entire E3 showcase.  This game centers around two convicts and seems to take place in the 1970’s.  Though initially at odds, the convicts have to work together to not only escape the prison, but stay free in the outside world.  Prison break games are rare, however, this was not the reason this game came to be such a surprise for viewers.  The premise of the game is to play it completely CO-OP, or simply known as with another player.  This form of CO-OP is also limited to local networks or on the same screen at home, something very different especially in today’s world of gaming.  For any person looking for the next great CO-OP game, look no further.  This has the criteria to be one such game.  You can also find the trailer for this game below.

Star Wars Battlefront II

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Finally, the last biggest game to be showcased was the sequel to a largely controversial original back in 2015.  Although the original Star Wars game was absolutely gorgeous in graphics, the game featured no single player and had very little content to go with a full priced $60 game.  Not to mention, the additional price of the season pass of DLC that went with it.  With that in mind, along with the numerous of complaints heard from fans, EA went all out to correct their mistake with the original.  First, this sequel would have a completely untold single player story mode that would be canon in the Star Wars universe and take place between episodes VI and VII.  To show this, the leading actress named Janina Gavankar came onto the floor; with an army of stormtroopers, I might add.  The story would be unique as it puts the player in the boots of the empire, thus playing the villain and seeing what happened after the Death Star was destroyed.

If that wasn’t enough, the developers also showed off a 20 minute gameplay demo of the multiplayer and talked about some of the additional features.  For one, this game would have every saga, including the prequel series (yes Darth Maul!) and sequel series with Rey and Kylo Ren.  This finally covers the entire Star Wars saga and will update with the upcoming episode VIII.  Which brings me to the announcement that every DLC for the game will be completely free!  That would have been enough to attain my interest, but the developers didn’t stop there.  They also announced that space battles would come back to the series! These were somewhat present in the original DLC, but they were limited.  Now they seem to be making a comeback much like the original PlayStation 2 game.  From what I watched and heard, EA completely sold me on Star Wars Battlefront II, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it this winter! There is another link for a piece of the multiplayer gameplay below.


EA had some strong moments from their press conference.  It was diverse and filled the needs of several different types of gamers. However, I would assume it would be difficult to watch if you had no interest in Mad or were not a Star Wars fan.  Besides what I had listed above, EA did a small Battlefield 1 section that would showcase their upcoming night maps and DLC that would take place during the largest battles of World War I.  It was an okay addition to the presentation, however, it failed to gather much applause and interest.  This could be due to the fact that Battlefield 1 was already out, and fans were looking for new releases.  There was also a small section for Fifa 18, though there wasn’t anything worth mentioning.  Also, once again, EA tried to showcase their NBA Live game.  A game that has been littered with bugs and problems for years.  Not to mention, it isn’t even a comparison to the critical darling and fan favorite NBA 2k.  There was also an announcement for a completely new IP from Bioware called Anthem (a title I’m still not sure on).  Ultimately, EA did an average job with their showcase, but it was largely improved with their Star Wars demo.

Grade: B-




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