IOS 11, Don’t Update Unless You Hate Yourself

On June 5th, Apple held its annual Worldwide Developer’s Conference, or WWDC. At this conference, they announced IOS 11 for all Apple products. However, it hasn’t been released to the public yet as a free beta. That will happen later in July.

IOS 11

I, however, have had access to IOS 11 by being a developer, and let me just say it has some flaws. And by some, I mean a lot. My advice is don’t update to IOS 11, unless you hate yourself.

I know that sounds harsh, but let me explain. IOS has A LOT of bugs, and if you update now, you are stuck waiting until they are fixed.  Here are four of the major issues with IOS 11.


The number one bug that needs to be fixed right away is the drain on battery life. I noticed my iPhone went from lasting all day to having to be charged three times a day. I usually start my work week by listening to podcasts on my way to work. I listen to several for only one hour. Before IOS 11, this would only cause me to lose maybe 15% of my battery life. Now with IOS 11, I’m lucky if I don’t lose 30% battery.

The drain on the battery is driving me crazy.


With IOS 11, one of the new features is the control panel.  While it is nice having everything all in one place, I have one huge pet peeve about it. When you are listening to music, you cannot click on the music icon to immediately be connected. You have to stop all that you are doing and manually open the app yourself to do what you want, like change the station. It is a small thing, but it gets on my nerves like nothing else.


Third, I hate the new notifications panel. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. It locks your screen as you go to see your notifications. I honestly didn’t mind the way it was before, and I don’t understand how this is an improvement. My guess is they just wanted to add a new way of seeing notifications, but I don’t think this was the way to do it.


Fourth, there is no clear-all button in the notifications! Remember how you could get rid of all your notifications in just one tap?  Well, now that amazing feature is gone. If you are like me and always had the tendency to let those notification pile up, I am going to tell you now that you are going to hate this update. Say hello to never saying goodbye.

Don’t get me wrong, not everything is bad with the new IOS 11. Some of the essential apps like the calculator got a nice update. Not to mention, messages layout is much more beautiful and modern.  However, if you ask me if the update is worth the hype, honestly, I would tell you no for the four reasons explained up above.

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