Hearthstone Deck Of The Week: Quest Priest

Reno Jackson may have rotated out of Standard play, but that doesn’t mean that the archetype he created is gone for good.  Thanks to cards like Kazakus and Raza The Chained, you can still build a deck that generates powerful effects, provided that your deck uses no more than one of each card.  This deck aims to do just that – using the advantage gained by such cards to control the board, while trying to downplay as much as possible any disadvantages that the no-duplicates rule might bring you.

Deck List:

  • Awaken The Makers x1 (1)
  • Crystalline Oracle x1 (1)
  • Mistress Of Mixtures x1 (1)
  • Northshire Cleric x1 (1)
  • Potion Of Madness x1 (1)
  • Power Word: Shield x1 (1)
  • Loor Hoarder x1 (2)
  • Shadow Visions x1 (2)
  • Shadow Word: Pain x1 (2)
  • Volatile Elemental x1 (2)
  • Youthful Brewmaster x1 (2)
  • Gluttonous Ooze x1 (3)
  • Harvest Golem x1 (3)
  • Kabal Courier x1 (3)
  • Kabal Talonpriest x1 (3)
  • Mirage Caller x1 (3)
  • Shadow Word: Death x1 (3)
  • Greater Healing Potion x1 (4)
  • Infested Tauren x1 (4)
  • Kazakus x1 (4)
  • Shifting Shade x1 (4)
  • Tortollan Shellraiser x1 (4)
  • Twilight Summoner x1 (4)
  • Elise The Trailblazer x1 (5)
  • Holy Nova x1 (5)
  • Raza The Chained x1 (5)
  • Cabal Shadow Priest x1 (6)
  • Cairne Bloodhoof x1 (6)
  • Dragonfire Potion x1 (6)
  • N’Zoth, The Corruptor x1 (10)


Mulligan Tips

Always keep Awaken The Makers in your opening hand – getting Amara into your hand after completing the quest will be one of the strongest late game plays that you can make.  Apart from that, Northshire Cleric is an effective early play, which can help you get significant card advantage. Loot Hoarder makes an excellent play on turn two and is a great way to start on the road to completing your quest.  If you’re going second, consider keeping Tortollan Shellraiser if you can – using The Coin to get him out on the third turn is an amazing way to keep control of the board.


Gameplay Strategy

Control, control, control is the name of the game here.  The deck contains an answer for almost anything your opponent might throw at you – the trick is having the right answer in your hand at the right time.  That’s why anything that can generate card advantage is huge – you want your hand to be full of as many options as possible, so you can correctly respond to your opponent’s plays.  Concentrate on fulfilling Awaken The Makers and getting Amara into your hand as soon as possible.  If you can successfully control the board and shut down your opponent’s attempts to gain an advantage, N’Zoth The Corruptor is the perfect way to finish the game.



Against an aggro deck, getting a well-timed Holy Nova off can be the difference between success and failure.  Make sure you hit as many targets as possible when you play it – don’t waste it on only one or two of your opponent’s minions.   Dragonfire Potion is a great way to clear the board in the later half of the game, but be sure to have something significant to put on the board after you play it.  Against a control deck, just concentrate on getting those Deathrattle minions into play as quickly as possible – Amara will not only save you in the late game after a bad turn or two, but also will maximize the value of N’Zoth The Corruptor, which can make for a great late-game push through your opponent’s defenses.


Good Luck! Feel free to leave suggestions for improving this deck in the comments below!

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