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E3 is back in the city of Los Angeles, and worldwide known video game studio Ubisoft is showing their cards to the table.  And to add, they must have been a full house because Ubisoft came to play!  The following concerns the highlights of the best press conference of the year.

 Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

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To start the show, Ubisoft showed a game that no one ever asked for.  But we should have!  Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle was quite the surprise.  Think strategy shooter Xcom, but with Mario and friends instead.  The plot of the game entails Mario traveling to Princess Peach’s castle, where he discovers a giant vortex floating above him. Soon after this discovery, Rabbids fly out of it. To restore the Mushroom Kingdom, which has been “torn apart” so to speak by the mischievous Rabbids, Mario teams up with his brother Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi, and four heroic Rabbids that are dressed up as Mario and his friends to defeat their enemies while armed with various weapons.  Also, Yves Guillemot, CO-Founder & CEO of Ubisoft, teamed up onstage with gaming legend Shigeru Miyamoto.  It was a surreal moment, especially when the two posed together on stage and literally brought the creative director of the game to tears, seeing his heroes on stage together.  The adorable announcement trailer is below and absolutely worth a watch!

Assassin’s Creed Origins

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The next game shown was the next installment in the Assassin’s Creed universe.  And after taking two years off, the world of Assassin’s is coming back to where the assassin brotherhood started, in ancient Egypt.  The Assassin’s Creed franchise was starting to get bland, and fans were showing the signs as sales were on the steady decline.  Ubisoft took a brief pause, and now the next game in the series comes from some of the same people who made the last successful game, Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag.  It was a good choice to pick this game’s developer to oversee the next installment and bring excitement back to the series.  The only hiccup from this part of the event was what they chose to show us for the actual gameplay in action. It was from their studio over in Singapore, and the footage wasn’t even on the main screen.  Instead, it was filmed from someone playing on a small TV screen, a questionable and curious decision to say the least.  Be sure to check out this trailer instead below!

The Crew 2

Ubisoft chose to next reveal a surprise game from an original very mixed review racing concept called The Crew.  The concept was simple; race around an open world United States.  This sequel seems to keep that concept, however, this time with what seems like anything and everything at your disposal.  And yes, that includes sea and air vehicles!  The first game didn’t perform well, but this one has a chance to build off of its predecessor and make the game the original wanted to be in the first place.  Check out the trailer below!


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Next on the list was an ambitious virtual reality game called Transference.  Little is known about it, especially what devices it will be compatible for.  But from what details were revealed so far, it has the player act as a test subject who is imbued with different humans’ memories and emotions.  This is done by showing different scenes through the virtual lens.  It also appears this game will be some sort of mystery and involves players looking around some sort of house.  Nonetheless, a game with plenty of potential, especially in the VR department.

Skull and Bones

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Ubisoft is heading back to the seas with Pirate adventure Skull and Bones.  This open sea adventure seems to be a combination of Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag and For Honor and pits players as the captain of their own ship.  One mode that was announced and the feature of the trailer was two rival pirate teams battling for treasure.  This was essentially five versus five as each pirate ship counted as an individual player.  There were also three different types of ships shown, the Frigate, Brigantine, and finally the Sloop of war.  Every ship specialized in something, and at least in this mode, team work was essential.  Finally, when the timer ran out and it was time to go, pirate hunters were dispatched after the team with the most stolen loot.  Be warned, it’s not a fight you can win, so it would be smart to sail away!  Check out the trailer from the demo below.  This game is expected to be released in 2018!

Far Cry 5

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The main Far Cry games are first person shooters (FPS) with action and adventure elements.  There was also a spin-off entitled Far Cry Primal that took the player back to the stone age and early human roots. There are minimal narrative elements or chronology between the games. Instead, the Far Cry games have generally shared the theme of taking the player to a lawless frontier where the values and laws of today are not functioning, along with elements of having to survive in the wilderness, including hunting and crafting. The player often needs to work with freedom fighters attempting to regain control of a region from a ruling party and may have to pit different sides of a conflict against each other. Some of the series’ games have been more rooted in realistic conflicts, while others have involved elements of the supernatural or science fiction.

This time and for the first time, the lawless frontier puts the player in the United States, specifically Montana.  Far Cry 3 was arguably the best in the series, transitioning the game into what it is known for today, as well as introducing the series’ most notable and terrifying villain.  Far Cry 4 was more of a cover, taking the same elements into a new location.  Hopefully with Far Cry 5, they add new elements, while keeping the Far Cry formula that can take the series to new heights.  Check the official gameplay demo below!

Beyond Good and Evil 2

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The biggest surprise of the event had Ubisoft finally reveal the next game of a beloved classic after 15 years.  Fans had been hoping and wishing for some sort of sequel for years.  Finally, they got their wish, after it seemed like this would never happen!  Technically, the game is a prequel, but I think we can still count it. There isn’t much to go off of from the trailer, and it might not even be coming out for a couple of years, but this was definitely the right way to close a show.  And from what the developers are saying, the final product might be more than the hype.  For your enjoyment, check out the announce trailer below!


Ubisoft delivered with one hell of a press conference.  It was one of their best in years and shows some good things are in store for Ubisoft and the world of gaming.  Other games to note from the conference were the next South Park video game, plus an additional South Park phone app game called Phone Destroyer, the next game in the Just Dance franchise, and additional information for the recent release winter sport game Steep.  There were some minor hiccups, and the Assassin’s Creed footage they decided to show still baffles me, but it was a excellent press conference for Ubisoft and one to remember.

Grade A-

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