8 Old-School Games Overhauled for Mobile Platforms

Old-school computer and video games are akin to your favorite warm, hearty comfort foods with a side of childhood. But unless you’re still hanging onto your old SEGA console (and even then, you’ve got to blow decades of dust out of the games), your days of playing your beloved favorites are over. Or are they? Thankfully, iOS and Android have heard our cries and obliged with these eight great old-school games overhauled for your smartphone or tablet.

1. Snake ‘97

Anyone who had a notoriously unbreakable Nokia phone back in the late 90’s can appreciate this blast from the past. True to form, Snake ‘97 is void of frills and fancy graphics. It’s reminiscent of the retro computer game, pixelated “snake” and all.

2. Pac-Man

You’ve got some options here, because this classic game has been updated and remade countless times for nearly every platform and operating system across the board. But if you really want to get your old-school fix, you can still download the more primitive version of this classic game.

3. Rollercoaster Tycoon Classic

This app made a splash when it was released for both iOS and Android because, let’s be honest, you’d be hard-pressed to find a millennial who didn’t aspire to be an amusement park operator thanks to Rollercoaster Tycoon. While an updated and even a 3-D version have been available for a while, there’s nothing quite like building a rollercoaster with the same simple graphics that you enjoyed back at the turn of the millennium.

4. Crazy Taxi

If newer mobile apps can’t quite satisfy that urge for a rush of adrenaline like Crazy Taxi could circa 1999, you’re in luck. You can now download the mobile-friendly version of this arcade classic for free for both iOS and Android. While the touch controls on the mobile version aren’t exactly the same as using an arcade steering wheel or even your Dreamcast controller, the crazy graphics and crazy rush make this app a win.

5. Sonic the Hedgehog

Everyone’s favorite hedgehog is brought back to life for iOS and Android. While you can still play the original version made for your mobile device, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 has similar graphics and gameplay, but with a few updates that really make the game shine. You’ll find faster speeds, bonus levels, and new attack-boss modes for an even more exciting adventure.

6. Oregon Trail

Play Oregon Trail just like you remember it, but with updated graphics and mobile-friendly mini games, or try Oregon Trail: Director’s Cut, a zombie-version of the classic trail-blazing story. Director’s Cut is truer to the graphics and feel of the original game, whereas the newest Oregon Trail update is much more modern.

7. Q*bert

Q*Bert for mobile is an exact replica of the 1980’s arcade classic, complete with 2-D graphics and pixelated Q*bert. If you want an updated, 3-D version, you can try Q*bert Rebooted, which features the same concept but with reimagined graphics, exciting new levels, and three new enemies.

8. Worms

iOS brings back the original Worms game in all its tactical glory, with a few gameplay tweaks adapted to your smartphone. Android users can still get in on the weaponry fun with Worms 2, although the original version is only available on iOS.

Have you gotten a nostalgia fix from any of these games? What is your favorite old-school throwback? Share in the comments below!

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