Top 5 Best Kairosoft Games

It isn’t often that a developer’s name becomes synonymous with an entirely new genre, but that’s precisely what Kairosoft has done with their quirky brand of management simulation games.  They truly are like nothing else being developed – funny, strategic, and often confusing. From horse racing to soccer to medieval fantasy, they seem to have created a sim for every possible niche. But taking your first step into the world of Kairosoft can be a little daunting – with so many games under their belt, it’s hard to know where to even begin. Worry no longer – we’ve compiled a list of the Top 5 Best Kairosoft games.


5 – Home Run High

With Kairosoft’s newest release, they’ve perfected their particular brand of sports management sim.  In Home Run High, you’ll be managing every aspect of a baseball team – recruiting new players, dealing with salaries, and even building a training center for your team to practice in.  You’ll need to carefully manage the attributes of your players in order to succeed – and don’t be discouraged if you lose your first couple of games.  In the world of baseball, the road to victory can be a difficult one, but the rewards are great.


4 – Ninja Village

In Ninja Village, Kairosoft takes their traditional town-building adventure game and adds a twist – mass combat.  You’ll take the reigns of a small village of ninjas from Edo era Japan and fight for the growth and prosperity of your people.  You’ll need to decide which of your townsfolk are better suited to combat, and which are best at tending the fields – because both will be important for the continued success of your town.  You’ll need to recruit infantry, archers, and gunmen and face off in a simple form of large-scale combat against neighboring shoguns and bandits who mean you harm.


3 – Mega Mall Story

Mega Mall Story is Kairosoft at their most straightforward – a simple, yet deceptively deep commerce sim.  Your task is a simple one – develop the most successful shopping mall of all time!  You’ll need to decide what shops should go where and what kind of food to serve at the food court, as well as develop optimal positioning to guide your customers through the mall so as to maximize their spending.  It starts out simple enough, but as your mall grows from a single-floor endeavor into a sprawling Mega Mall, the options are dizzying.


2 – Game Dev Story

Game Dev Story is the game that put Kairosoft on the map.  It places you in charge of a small game development studio, which you will guide to either success or failure, depending on the choices that you make.  You’ll need to recruit talent, decide what kinds of games to make and how much to charge for them, and juggle the risks and rewards of innovation.  Game Dev Story is also full of Kairosoft’s classic brand of quirky humor – the consoles that you develop games for are all gentle parodies of game systems throughout the decades.  This is definitely a game that will sink its hooks into you.


1 – Dungeon Village

It was honestly a toss-up between Game Dev Story and Dungeon Village for the top spot on this list, but Dungeon Village won out in the end, thanks to its real sense of progression.  You’ll be managing a small village in a classic Medieval Fantasy setting – the kind of village that adventurers stop at, in between dragon-slaying quests, to stock up on new weapons and armor.  Eventually, some of these adventurers will make their home in your town, and you will guide them as they battle fierce-but-adorable monsters and amass valuable treasure.  Dungeon Village is the kind of game that you really can’t put down once you pick it up.  It is truly the Kairosoft formula at its most perfected.


There are so many Kairosoft games that lots of other great releases didn’t make the cut.  Did your favorite of their games not make our list?  Let us know in the comments below!

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