Finery is The Closet of the Future

The closet from Clueless finally exists, and no, I’m not just talking about the articles of clothing. I’m talking about FINERY, the only wardrobe operating system out there. Brooklyn Decker and her pal Whitney Casey had a dream of creating a virtual closet and made it come true. Never worry about spending forever rummaging through a semi-organized closet again, because now you can view your entire wardrobe online. Plan your outfit in advance, and never forget what you’re working with when it comes to wardrobe. FINERY puts your entire closet at your fingertips.

Finery is the Closet of the Future

How does this too good to be true operating system work? Simply sign up with the email or emails you use to shop, and the system will utilize your previous orders to create a virtual wardrobe. It organizes things by shipped, received, and even returned. And if you’re more of a thrift shopper and didn’t purchase some of your wardrobe online, you have the option to search it and add it to your closet.  Or as a last result, take a picture of it. FINERY wants to take the frustration out of finding something to wear. It organizes your items by color, category, and even the purchase date.

FINERY went even further than just creating a digital wardrobe, it created an experience. Not only can you comb through items you own, but you can also make a digital wish list and receive a notification when your coveted item goes on sale. If that wasn’t enough to entice you, it also helps you get the best deal by notifying you if something you already purchased goes on sale and helping you initiate a refund for the difference. Because spending your money wisely is just as great as looking good.

Don’t know what to pair with this new skirt you purchased? The FINERY community will even go as far as helping you style pieces! Other members will find you things to match with said item to help you put together your dream outfit.

Many have attempted to create a seamless virtual wardrobe that has little to no hassle, but FINERY has refined all the edges. I don’t know how, because at first this sounded like a lot, but FINERY has made it easy.

The amount of times I claim I have nothing to wear is ridiculous.  If I knew what exactly was in my closet, it would stop some items from getting neglected more than others. The only thing FINERY is missing is the physical aspect. If it was possible for this app to organize and clean my closet, I’d be floored, but I’m pretty much impressed by what it’s already doing.

I could imagine feeling haunted by items that are lost in my closet.  But when it comes down to it, FINERY is kind of like a wardrobe inventory. My closet isn’t huge, but if it was, I wouldn’t use this application.  Unless you bought most of your wardrobe online, it would be a headache to inventory.  Right now FINERY is available on the web and iOS. Check out the scoop on all things FINERY here. Would a virtual closet make your life easier? Let us know in the comments below.

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