Breakout Ninja iOS Review

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A Story For a Ninja is the Way

The story of Breakout Ninja follows a ninja who must use all of his skills and natural cunning to escape from a heavily fortified prison. Breakout Ninja is a one tap endless runner game that is set against a 2D scrolling platform.  It has a simple design, but trust me, this game is very addictive and extremely fun to play.  Not to mention, this game was designed and developed by Tuomas Erikoinen, the co-creator of Angry Birds.

A Ninja’s Mechanics Are Key

What sets Breakout Ninja apart from other one tap endless running games is its incredibly fluid animation.  After all, what type of ninja would you be if you couldn’t convince the user you were doing more than just one simple input method?

Breakout Ninja blends automation with precise timing.  This is done by using one simple touch to tap controls and send the brave ninja avatar jumping and spinning over barbed wire fences and attacking buildings and enemies.  Your taps can be performed anywhere on the screen, however, they must be timed exactly as the ninja comes in contact with a series of small colored circles. If players fail to tap at the right time, their run ends and needs to be replayed.  The longer the run, leading to a higher number of jumps, the more XP fills the star meter, which both evolves their ninja avatar and unlocks the next level!

The only flaw of Breakout Ninja that I found is common in these “see how far you can go” games.  The game starts slow and simple and then gradually speeds up for a much faster and more fun game.  However, getting back to the fast paced part of the game can feel like a drag (particularly when you fail in the 160’s).

Tricks and Tips You Must Learn

Tap on the center of a circle! By doing so players receive a “perfect” bonus, which fills up the XP star meter faster.

Trust your inner ninja!  As with other endless runner games, there are a few different schools of thought. Yet my personal belief is to trust instincts rather than over-think and over-scrutinize. Therefore, try focusing on the center of the circle rather than on the runner ninja.

Look to the future!  Following the above point, rather than focusing on the running ninja, it is better to concentrate on upcoming circles (and more so, their precise center). This is especially important, since as the game speeds up, it becomes more and more difficult to time jumps if you only focus on the running ninja.

Slow and steady wins the race!  Obviously aiming for the golden center is the desired goal, yet as the speed increases, it becomes more difficult to do so.  However, the A.I of the game seems to be much, much stricter with tapping / jumping earlier rather than later. Therefore, if in doubt, hold off for that extra millisecond and odds are, you will still get rewarded with the jump!

Learn the way of the ninja!  As fun as it is, a generic pattern can soon be seen and thus learned within the levels. I.e. a guard tower will often have two or three jumps (low mid high) before it, and there will often be a quick jump after descending a set of tiers. The same rhythmic patterns can be found with multiple fence jumps and leaping over pits and attacking guards.

Conclusion of the Ninja

Breakout Ninja is another great entry in the endless runner game genre.  As always, it can be addicting to see how far you can go and how much farther you went compared to your friends.  With that in mind, I would definitely give Breakout Ninja a download, especially if you’re looking for another super solid one-button action game!  Or you just like Ninjas.

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