Hearthstone Deck Of The Week: Miracle Rogue

The Rogue class has had its share of ups and downs over the last couple years, but with the release of Journey To Un’Goro, it has finally settled on having a few reasonably powerful archetypes – Miracle Rogue being possibly the strongest among them.  This is a deck built primarily around a few key combos that can lead to a rather explosive finish in the end game.  If you like playing decks in which you’re brought to the brink of defeat, only to completely dominate your opponent in a turn or two to finish them off, then Miracle Rogue is the deck for you!


Deck List:

  • Backstab x2 (0)
  • Counterfeit Coin x2 (0)
  • Preparation x2 (0)
  • Shadowstep x1 (0)
  • Cold Blood x1 (1)
  • Hallucination x2 (1)
  • Eviscerate x2 (2)
  • Razorpetal Lasher x2 (2)
  • Sap x1 (2)
  • Edwin VanCleef x1 (3)
  • Fan Of Knives x1 (3)
  • Mimic Bod x2 (3)
  • SI:7 Agent x1 (3)
  • Questing Adventurer x2 (3)
  • Sherazin, Corpse Flower x1 (4)
  • Burgly Bully x1 (5)
  • Vilespin Slayer x2 (5)
  • Gadgetzan Auctioneer x1 (6)
  • Sprint x1 (7)
  • Arcane Giant x2 (12)


Mulligan Tips

If you can get a Questing Adventurer in your opening hand, always keep it.  You’re not going to actually play it until much later in the game, but since it’s a key component of this deck’s primary combo, it’s better to know that you have it, rather than desperately hoping you draw it when you need it.  Backstab can be a great card to keep, especially if you’re up against an aggro deck, since it can delay an early onslaught from your opponent.  Feel free to mulligan away any Counterfeit Coins you might draw – they aren’t in the deck to accelerate your early game, but rather to trigger Questing Adventurer and Gadgetzan Auctioneer in your final few turns.


Gameplay Strategy

The entire deck is built around getting a Questing Adventurer onto the board and then buffing him as much as possible with your plethora of free and low-cost cards.  Having a Gadgetzan Auctioneer on the board at the same time is ideal, so you can just keep replenishing your hand as you’re playing those cards.  The Razorpetals generated by Razorpetal Lasher can help you clear the board and make room for your Questing Adventurer to attack your opponent directly.  In a perfect scenario, you’ll be able to get your Questing Adventurer large enough to win the game by himself, but if that fails, you’ll also have your Arcane Giants (which should be either free to play or extremely cheap at that point) as a suitable backup.



Against aggro, you want to keep the board clear for as long as possible.  Make every trade that you can that isn’t completely disadvantageous for you.  Don’t be afraid to use your Backstabs and other removal options – all you really need to do is stay alive until you can trigger your game-ending combo.  Against a control deck, you’ll want to accelerate your plans a bit more.  Here, the key is to get your combo off before they completely lock down the board.  Feel free to essentially ignore whatever it is your opponent is doing and concentrate entirely on building to one or two explosive turns with Questing Adventurer.


Good Luck! Feel free to leave suggestions for improving this Miracle Rogue deck in the comments below!

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