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Castle Cats iOS Review

A Story of Cats, and Maybe Some Dogs Too

 Castle Cats is a new free-to-play mobile game for iOS.  In this furry adventure, you can collect adorable feline versions of characters like Harry Potter, Django, Katniss Everdeen, and Cthulhu. Also, they are fighting an evil Pugomancer.  Yes, you heard that right, a Pugomancer.  You have been warned!

The …


App Review: Habitica

Anyone who has dedicated even a small amount of time to video games has been here: there’s a task that you really don’t want to do, like fight yet another monster that you’ve already slayed a dozen times, or run halfway across the map in order to find that one final collectible that you need. …

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Breakout Ninja iOS Review

A Story For a Ninja is the Way

The story of Breakout Ninja follows a ninja who must use all of his skills and natural cunning to escape from a heavily fortified prison. Breakout Ninja is a one tap endless runner game that is set against a 2D scrolling platform.  It has a simple design, but …

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8 Old-School Games Overhauled for Mobile Platforms

Old-school computer and video games are akin to your favorite warm, hearty comfort foods with a side of childhood. But unless you’re still hanging onto your old SEGA console (and even then, you’ve got to blow decades of dust out of the games), your days of playing your beloved favorites are over. Or are they? …

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Game Review: Solitairica

If you’re a fan of PopCap’s Solitaire Blitz, Game Freak’s Pocket Card Jockey, or any number of puzzle-meets-RPG offerings such as Puzzle Quest or Puzzles And Dragons, then Righteous Hammer Games’ newest release, Solitairica, might be the perfect way for you to scratch that itch.  It’s classic Solitaire rules, the same ones you’ve been playing …

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Will Augmented Reality Make Smartphones a Thing of the Past?

Just ten years ago, the idea that nearly everyone would carry around a pocket-sized device that could access the internet, send emails, make video calls, and manage your stock portfolio might have been difficult to imagine. Yet smartphones, after quickly replacing those ancient flip-phones that were once all the rage, are now a tangible reality. …

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iOS Music Junkies: Part 2

Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, and Google Play Music are all noteworthy music streaming options.  However, what about some other good sources for finding the latest and greatest music to listen to?  The following is a list of the best music apps available today for the iPhone part 2.

YouTube Music

YouTube Music is more aimed at the …


App Review: SleepTown

It’s easy to see just how much your sleep habits can affect your mood and mental health.  Only a few nights in a row of less than ideal sleep can lead to entire days full of irritability, grogginess, and plummeting productivity.  But good sleep habits are even more important than most of us realize.  As …

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iOS Music Junkies: Part 1

Music has become an integral part of today’s world.  It’s what motivates us, inspires us, or simply brings a smile to our faces.  With new and great artists coming out every day, it’s important to keep track of what’s hot, but still remember our favorites.  The following is a list of the best music apps …


iOS 11’s Most Buzzed About Features

A new iOS update is coming sooner rather than later. Even if you don’t rush to get the new iPhone, the features make it feel like you have one. iOS 11 features will either make you giddy or frustrate you, but no matter where you stand on the matter, they are coming. Here are some …