T-Mobile and Sprint Talk Merger

It seems like every other year T-Mobile and Sprint stop competing for a millisecond to consider becoming BFFs. The two cellular companies are thinking about it again, and just like every other year, it’s complicated. But this year, a merger is not completely absurd.

Back in 2014, Sprint’s parent company SoftBank wanted to buy T-Mobile. US …

Finery is the Closet of the Future
Opinion / Reviews

Finery is The Closet of the Future

The closet from Clueless finally exists, and no, I’m not just talking about the articles of clothing. I’m talking about FINERY, the only wardrobe operating system out there. Brooklyn Decker and her pal Whitney Casey had a dream of creating a virtual closet and made it come true. Never worry about spending forever rummaging through …


HomePod: With New Digital Assistant, Apple Brings Music Center Stage

Perhaps the biggest reveal at WWDC last week was the announcement of the HomePod.  Apple’s long-awaited entry into the digital assistant market, currently dominated by the Amazon Echo and Google Home, seems like a long time coming.  After all, Siri was essentially the first successful implementation of the idea.  But while Amazon Echo and Google …


T-Mobile Tuesdays Celebrates One Year

When T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere announced T-Mobile Tuesdays, the industry thought he was crazy. Disruption has always been his thing, and this by far seemed to be crazier than both his un-carrier plan and his newest plan to make phone numbers truly mobile. Legere announced the T-Mobile initiative to reward loyal customers and entice new …


Amazon Enters The Brick-And-Mortar Space: Everything Old Is New Again

For a company whose initial launch ushered in the demise of the traditional bookstore, Amazon certainly seems to be putting a lot of its resources lately into old-fashioned retail shops. But is this a sign that the online shopping giant, and the Amazon brick-and-mortar store, is actually going to make a serious attempt to become …