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8 Old-School Games Overhauled for Mobile Platforms

Old-school computer and video games are akin to your favorite warm, hearty comfort foods with a side of childhood. But unless you’re still hanging onto your old SEGA console (and even then, you’ve got to blow decades of dust out of the games), your days of playing your beloved favorites are over. Or are they? …

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Game Review: Miles & Kilo


If you’re a fan of classic NES and SNES platformers, or their modern counterparts like Shovel Knight, then Mike Burns’ newest release for iOS just might be right up your alley!  Miles & Kilo is the sequel to 2013’s incredibly charming Kid Tripp, a retro-styled endless-runner-meets-platformer – only this time, the kid has a dog on …

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NES Classic Sold Out Forever


Nintendo has announced that it will be discontinuing the popular NES Classic. The last shipment arrived at the end of April. Best Buy sold its final inventory before it even reached the shelves. The rare NES Classic has been in low supply despite demand.

Leave it to Nintendo to leave the consumer wanting more.

Don’t know what …